Track your Moveable Assets.

The Dedicated Mapping Platform has the ability to track vehicles, boats, etc in real time. Each trackable asset is represented on the map with its own unique information and look. The tracked asset is assigned a tracking device. As the device is tracked, the vehicle, etc. is shown on the map in real time.

Each vehicle can have its own data, images, attached documents, and attached sub tasks. Each vehicle can be assigned to a route, which will have a numbe of locations associated with it. When a vehicle is within a given proximity of a location on the route it will show the interaction on the map and also allow the driver to collect information while on site.

Real-time uploading of vehicle data.

The Dedicated Mapping Platform allows our clients to create and edit lvehicles in real-time using our robust tools. The location information can be created / edited / deleted by:

  • Entering data directly into our web-site.
  • Uploading an Excel spread sheet.
  • Using our rich API suite.

Unique Vehicle features.

The Dedicated Mapping Platform has a number of useful tools that allow a colorful, useful map to be easily created.

  • Tracking using a varity of devices.
  • Custom icon.
  • Showing driving directions.

Special Vehicle fields

The Dedicated Mapping Platform can show special fields within the vehicle info window.

  • Images - thumbnails with ability to expand.
  • Pdf files.
  • http links to other information.
  • Detail Information associated with the Location.
    • Manafests.
    • Tasks to be performed.
    • Accociated Assets.
    • Passengers.
    • Documents.