Map your critical Locations.

Show Critical Locations on Your Map.

The dedicated Mapping Platform was developed specifically to address the needs of the organizations that need to identify visual information that would make their operations more efficient:

  • Current and potential client information.
  • Location of critical equipment.
  • Response plans .
  • Shared information with other organizations .

We listened and developed the Dedicated Mapping Platform which allows our clients to create custom maps with multiple layers of information that add value to thier real-time operation.

The Dedicated Mapping Platform also allows clients to display custom data beyond the traditional location / name address; whether it be custom fields, images, displayable pdf documents, http links, or a detailed list of associated tasks, assets, orders, etc. Dedicated Map clients can declare their maps to be private, public or shared only with select customers or clients.

Real-time uploading of location data.

The Dedicated Mapping Platform allows our clients to create and edit locations in real-time using our robust tools. The location information can be created / edited / deleted by:

  • Entering data directly into our web-site.
  • Uploading an Excel spread sheet.
  • Using our rich API suite.
  • Creating custom templates to filter data from an existing source.

Unique location features.

The Dedicated Mapping Platform has a number of useful tools that allow a colorful, useful map to be easily created.

  • Automatic Geocoding from addresses.
  • Ability to fine tune location latitude / longitude.
  • Custom icon.
  • Auto generation of icons based on routes and order.
  • Ability to hide/show layers and routes.

Special location fields

The Dedicated Mapping Platform can show special fields within the location info window.

  • Images - thumbnails with ability to expand.
  • Pdf files.
  • http links to other information.
  • Detail Information associated with the Location.
    • Tasks to be performed.
    • Accociated Assets.
    • Project / Job infor.
    • Documents.