Real-Time Operational Awareness.

Dedicated Maps's mapping solution lets you securely track and manage your operations, now and in the future.

AIS-A/B ELD Satellite SPOT OBD Cell Phone

Dedicated Maps is built upon a State of the Art platform that encompasses the latest advances in mapping, but also is built to embrace the future advancements in communication such as G5 which allows more data to be transmitted faster and cheaper, tracking devices that are cheaper with added features, and real-time awareness is becomes standard to operate efficiently.

Map Critical Location Points

When your job involves responding to incidents requiring immediate responce and action, Dedicated maps has the tools to visualize the critical points in real-time.

Location of response Equipment
Critical Protection Points
Mile Markers
Access points

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Track your mobile assets.

DedicatedMaps can track moving assets in real-time providing operation knowledge and control over the situation. We can not only track moving vehicles, but display relevent data on the map.

AIS tracked ships
Other boats with tracking devices
Vehicles with OBD trackers.
Permenent Satellite trackers
Hand-held Satellite trackers
Cell Phone trackers
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Capture Real-time Feedback

The Dedicated Mapping Platform technology not only tracks your moving assets and critical locations, it also allows the driver or employee operating the vehicle or vessels to provide feedback in real time about the interaction.

When did they arrive?
When did they leave?
Was the job completed?
Were there Issues?
Next Action?

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